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Harmony Missionary Baptist Church
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One of the truths revealed in the Bible is that the church is a community of people called out from the world to be sons of God. As sons of God, our primary responsibility is to bring GLORY AND HONOR TO GOD. One way to do this is to demonstrate God's love towards one another.

We rejoice in God's act of redemption and celebrate the fact that our redemption makes us not just friends of each other, but also children of God. May this website assist in advancing our sonship in God.

Yours in Victory,
Rev. Clifton Eaton, Pastor

“The Church Where Everybody is Somebody and Jesus is Lord.”

Our Motto: If you are saved, reach the lost.

About us

We thank God for His faithfulness in preserving the witness of this church in this community since 1871 - over 148 years.  We have come this far by faith.  May we continue to walk by faith — not by sight — as we seek by God’s grace, to preserve and enhance this witness for the generations to come.

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our facebook page
Harmony Missionary Baptist Church
2111 E Tuck St.
Sherman, TX 75090
(903) 209-9257